iCarly Quizzes | Nick Quiz: What Should You Be For Halfoween?

Nick Quiz: What Should You Be For Halfoween?

There's nothing like dressing up in crazy costumes and taking to the town on a hunt for sugary snacks. But unfortunately, we only get to do it once a year!! Well, that's about to change. Now, we're celebrating Halfoween! It's the one-half anniversary of the trickiest (and treatiest) night of the year. But there's one thing you'll need. A Costume! Quiz it now to see what you should rock.

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  • The best part of Halfoween night is...

  • You want your costume to be...

  • What's your favorite Halfoween candy?

  • Last year, you dressed as...

  • What shapes are you carving into your Jack-o-lantern this year?

  • Who would be your haunted sidekick?

  • If you were confronted by a walking zombie, you'd...

  • What's scarier?

  • If you judged a costume contest, which would win?

  • Trick or treat?