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  • TMNT Quiz: Is Your Pet A Mutant?

    Your pet might look normal, but it could be sneaking out at night fighting aliens and monsters in the streets! Well, if it's a mutant that is. Think about it: Mutagen has been making the rounds lately, even though the Turtles have been trying hard collect each and every canister. But has it gotten to your pet? Could your pet be MUTANT? Find out.Take the Quiz

  • TMNT Quiz: What Turtle Should You Be For Halloween?

    To all you TMNT fans out there planning to be a ninja turtle for Halloween, but are still confused on which one to be, worry no more. It's time to step out of your shell, 'cause we're here to help! Take this quiz to find your true TMNT costume now!Take the Quiz

  • Halloween Quiz: What should you be for Halloween?

    Halloween is just around the corner, and that means it's time to pick out a spooktacular costume. Think you know what you'll rock this year? If you're still not sure, then have no fear -- Nick is here! Find out which Halloween outfit is right for you by taking this fun quiz!Take the Quiz

  • TMNT Quiz: What's Your Turtle Catchphrase?

    Think you're as well spoken as the TMNT? These turtles never fail to express how they feel, but if you were part of their butt-kicking crew what would your cool catchphrase be? Take this quiz and find out!Take the Quiz

  • TMNT Quiz: Are You a Turtle Head?

    So you love fighting baddies, pigging out on 'zza, and your room is pretty sewer-like. Think that makes you a TMNT whiz? Take this super duper hard trivia quiz and find out if you're fit to call yourself a 'Turtle Head!', dude!Take the Quiz

  • TMNT Quiz: What's Your Turtle Power?

    They're shelled, green, kick-butt fighting machines and when you mess with one, you brawl with all four. Sound fair? It's not! But then again, when all four turtle bro's share such awesome skills, who's to say not to combine them? Get your head in the game and realize your true turtle power by taking this quiz...COME GET SOME!Take the Quiz

  • TMNT Quiz: What's Your Master Invention?

    Donatello is the technological mastermind of the Turtles, so it’s no surprise how he’s always coming up with cool new inventions. But now it’s time to put your skills to the test, because he needs YOUR help to design a rad awesome gadget. Are you up for the challenge? Take the quiz and find out what your master invention would be!Take the Quiz

  • TMNT: What's Your Ninja Style?

    It's time to put down the pizza and harness your inner Teenage Mutant Ninja power! The Turtles have endured the most challenging Ninjutsu training together, and are now an unstoppable Kraang-kicking team. But even though they’re brothers, they each have their own unique method for maintaining their moves. So which Turtle should you exercise YOUR ninja skills with? Take this quiz to find out!Take the Quiz

  • TMNT Quiz: Unlocking Leatherhead

    Before you tango with an 8-foot mutant alligator, it's a good idea to do your homework. Is he grumpy in the morning? Does he have any weaknesses? Is he a vegetarian? Does he love his mother? All good things to know. So, before you grab lunch with Leatherhead, crush this Turtles Trivia and unlock a few helpful hints to avoid seeing your name on the menu.Take the Quiz

  • TMNT: Are You Ready For The Outside World?

    New York City was dangerous enough before it was crawling with mutants and aliens... Now it's CRAZY dangerous! Before you go out to fight crime in the big city night, be sure you've got the skills to stay safe from Shredder's stooges.Take the Quiz

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