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Power Rangers: Super Megaforce Quizzes | SUPER MEGA Power Rangers Trivia

SUPER MEGA Power Rangers Trivia

Are you a SUPER MEGA Power Rangers fan? Well, if you think you know everything there is to know about this awesome group of butt kickers, it's time to take the ultimate test. Right before the Power Rangers go Super Megaforce, we're quizzing you on all the Rangers (and seasons!) from the past. Quiz it now!

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  • Super Megaforce will be the _____ season of Power Rangers.

  • Which of these characters was NEVER a Red Ranger?

  • Spike Skullovitch is from which season?

  • Who is the main villain in Power Rangers Mystic Force?

  • Who was Gosei's mentor?

  • Rita Repulsa is from which galaxy?

  • Which of these is NOT a Super Samurai Weapon?

  • Doomtron is from...

  • The S.P.D. in Power Rangers SPD stands for __________.

  • What color is the sixth ranger in Operation Overdrive?

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