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Power Rangers Super Samurai: Final Exam

All the months of studying Nighlok weaknesses and secret plot points are about to pay off in the Power Rangers Super Samurai Final Exam! Fight hard and refresh your browser to change up the questions. Rangers together, Samurai forever!

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  • Which Zord is NOT part of the Samurai BattleCannon?

  • Arachnitor attacks the Rangers with help from...

  • What's wrong with Bulk and Spike's camera?

  • What ingredient does Mia plan to mix with chocolate?

  • How many calls does Antonio miss while on his fishing trip?

  • Switchbeast is assisted by...

  • Antonio is almost eaten by a...

  • What do the Rangers do after defeating Switchbeast?

  • Antonio is afraid of...

  • Jayden is afraid of...

  • What is the Red RPM Ranger's full name?

  • RPM Ranger and the Cogs arrive on Earth by...

  • What does Mike do when Mia cooks?

  • What clue leads the Rangers to their kidnapped friends, Ji and Antonio?

  • Which MegaZord combo finally takes down Eyescar?

  • The BullZord is released by...

  • At the end of "The BullZord," Crustor...

  • What song do Mia and her brother sing for the Rangers?

  • Who helps Mia defeat normal-sized Serrator?

  • Which two Zords are not included in the Samurai GigaZord?

  • Before becoming a Ranger, Kevin was a champion...

  • What is Bulk to Spike?

  • Why is Spike fired from his job as a valet driver?

  • Which episode features Epoxar?

  • Epoxar shoots glue from his...

  • Who sends Emily and Kevin down a river?

  • What island does Serrator curse with ash?

  • What item is Dayu waiting for Serrator to fix?

  • Which fellow villain attempts to destroy Serrator?

  • Serrator plans to _____ the Earth.

  • Which peaceful martial art do Bulk and Spike practice?

  • "Stroke Of Fate" marks the only time that Emily uses the...

  • Who is Lauren Shiba?

  • Which Nighlok uses flames to fight both Red Rangers?

  • In his final battle, what does Xandred wear on his chest?

  • What disc does Lauren offer the Rangers as they head into battle?

  • When Xandred is destroyed, so is...

  • With Xandred out of the picture, Jayden plans to...

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