Quizzes | Robot & Monster: Who's Your Monster?

Robot & Monster: Who's Your Monster?

Hi there! Robot here. Look, I may not always show it, but I'd be lost without my best pal, Monster. He may not be the genius that I am, but he's always by my side, ready to help me make my dreams come true. What more could you need? Not only that, but he sees the best in every person and every situation. He's everything I'm not! But the thing is, Monster is all mine, and I'm not sharing. So who's gonna be YOUR best friend? Take the quiz below and find out!

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  • Pick your favorite dog.

    • Poodle - Because we're both bold and beautiful.
    • Bulldog - To scare off anyone who bothers me!
    • Golden Retriever - Oh-so-cuddly and friendly!
    • Puppy - To groom and nurture and smother with love!
  • Somebody just dissed you! Why did they do it?

    • They're jealous of my fame and fortune.
    • That no-good, rotten hooligan? Who cares!
    • They probably just need a friend. How about ME?
    • Their mother didn't teach them any manners.
  • What is the most important quality in a friend?

    • Looks.
    • Intelligence.
    • Loyalty.
    • Generosity.
  • Pick your ideal superpower.

    • I don't need super-powers, I'm already the super-est.
    • Mind-control, mwahaha!
    • The power to make all my friends happy!
    • The power to make any food appear instantly.
  • Which gadget would you invent?

    • A comb that dispenses hair gel.
    • A laser beam that makes people stop talking!
    • A device that records all of my dreams.
    • A robot that helps me cook and clean.
  • How do you feel about bacon?

    • Gross! I can't ruin my figure!
    • More importantly, how does bacon feel about me?
    • I like it if my friends like it.
    • I can't get enough!
  • Why do you go to the beach?

    • To show off my swimming skills.
    • I don't! It's just a bunch of sand and noise!
    • To play volleyball with friends.
    • To find help building my sand mansion.
  • Which of these items would you be lost without?

    • Mirror, to look at my perfect face!
    • Laptop, for keeping track of my brilliant plans!
    • Stuffed animals, for bedtime!
    • Microwave, for fast food!
  • A good friend will always...

    • Tell you how great you look.
    • Follow your orders.
    • Be ready to hang out.
    • Know when you need love.
  • You want everyone to...

    • Admire you.
    • Listen to you.
    • Idolize you.
    • Take care of you.