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Sam & Cat Quiz: Are You A Super Psycho?

Do you daydream about revenge? Have you ever held a conversation with a farm animal? Well, we've got news for you: you could be a super psycho! Take this Sam & Cat quiz to find out if you're like the totally bonkers Nora, or if you're a little more quirky like Gibby or Nevel.

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  • How do you throw a rockin' birthday party?

  • Do you have any enemies?

  • What's your opinion on chickens?

  • What are you most known for?

  • You can't live without...

  • Oh no, you got a bad grade on your report card! What do you do?

  • Revenge is...

  • Being a good friend means...

  • You see your friend face plant while rushing to class. You...

  • Someone spills Wahoo Punch on your new shirt. What do you do?

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