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Sam & Cat Quiz: Are You Naughty or Nice?

The holidays are here! That means, it's time to see who made the naughty and nice list! Have you been sweet-as-pie like Cat? Or have you been more like Sam, terrorizing everyone you see with the nearest butter sock? Take this quiz to see which list you're on this year.


  • If you found a $10 bill on the ground, would you…

  • If your friend tells you a BIG secret, do you…

  • Do you floss your teeth daily?

  • Your best friend needs help cleaning but your fave show is on TV! Do you…

  • You have a big science test tomorrow but your BFF wants to hang out. What do you do?

  • When you're done with a nice refreshing drink, you…

  • There's only one pizza slice left for everyone but you're super duper hungry! Do you…

  • Your alarm goes off in the morning, but you're sleepy! What do you do?

  • Your Mom needs help shoveling the snow in the driveway, what do you do?

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