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Sam & Cat: Do You Know Ariana and Jennette?

Get ready, because Sam & Cat is coming at you with two of the most charismatic girls from your favorite Nick shows! Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande star as Sam and Cat, two unlikely best friends who pair up to start a wacky babysitting business. But before you go calling yourself a Sam & Cat know-it-all, why don't you figure how just HOW much you actually know about this delightful duo? Take this quiz to test your Jennette and Ariana knowledge!

Tags: jennette mccurdyAriana Grande

  • Ariana's favorite place to travel is...

  • What is Jennette's favorite animal?

  • Ariana is allergic to which of the following funky fruits?

  • What is Jennette's ice cream flavor of choice?

  • Ariana's best subject in school was...

  • How many middle names does Jennette have?

  • What type of food does Ariana NOT eat?

  • Who was Jennette named after?

  • What is Ariana's favorite word?

  • Jennette tricked people on the set of iCarly and convinced them that her real name was:

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