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  • Which July 4th Firework Are You?

    Happy Fourth of July! Ever wanted to see your fave characters celebrate the 4th with their signature flare? Now's your chance. Take this quiz to find out which Nick firework you are!Take the Quiz

  • Who's Your Style Match?

    Ariana Grande is a glamorous diva, Jennette McCurdy is always fun and fashionable, Kira Kosarin rocks the runway and Amber Montana is cool and comfy. Every wonder which one of these Nick stars is your style match? Take this quiz to find out!Take the Quiz

  • Sam & Cat Quiz: Sam & Cat Trivia!

    So you think you know Sam & Cat? Well, well, well… looks like it's time for some trivia! Do a little toothbrush dance and grab your spare-rib nunchucks, because you've got a quiz to beat!Take the Quiz

  • Sam & Cat Quiz: Are You A Super Psycho?

    Do you daydream about revenge? Have you ever held a conversation with a farm animal? Well, we've got news for you: you could be a super psycho! Take this Sam & Cat quiz to find out if you're like the totally bonkers Nora, or if you're a little more quirky like Gibby or Nevel.Take the Quiz

  • Sam & Cat Quiz: What's Your Magic Trick?

    Everyone knows that Dice is a master magician. Ever wish you could do amazing tricks like him? Now you can! If you've been dying to pull a goat out of a hat or make a pizza go poof, you're in luck. Take this quiz to find out what your awesome Sam & Cat magic trick is!Take the Quiz

  • Quiz: Which BFFs Are Like You?

    Through the good and the gross, it's always great to have an awesome BFF along for the ride! But not all BFFs are created equal. From Sanjay and Craig to Sam and Cat, good BFFs come in all different shapes and sizes. So which Nickelodeon pair are you and your BFF most like? Take this quiz to find out!Take the Quiz

  • Sam & Cat Quiz: Would You Jump a Killer Tuna Tank?

    Do you have what it takes to jump a killer tuna tank? Take this quiz to see if you're a tuna-jumping daredevil like Sam, or if riding your bike over a bucket of dandelions is more your style. See where you fall, er jump, in this quiz!Take the Quiz

  • Which Show Do You Belong On?

    You love watching Sam & Cat, The Thundermans and The Haunted Hathaways, but what if it was YOU in front of the cameras? What if you got the chance to star in one of these awesomely hilarious shows? Well, if you want to know which one of these sets would be the perfect fit for you, take this quiz to find out!Take the Quiz

  • Sam & Cat Quiz: Are You Naughty or Nice?

    The holidays are here! That means, it's time to see who made the naughty and nice list! Have you been sweet-as-pie like Cat? Or have you been more like Sam, terrorizing everyone you see with the nearest butter sock? Take this quiz to see which list you're on this year.Take the Quiz

  • Who Should Sam & Cat Babysit?

    We know Sam and Cat have their hands full with their booming babysitting business, but we just couldn't resist adding a few of our own Nick critters to their list... Hey, we need a night off once in a while too! So which of our toon tots do you think the girls should try taming? Take this quiz!Take the Quiz

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