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Sam & Cat Quiz: What's Your Magic Trick?

Everyone knows that Dice is a master magician. Ever wish you could do amazing tricks like him? Now you can! If you've been dying to pull a goat out of a hat or make a pizza go poof, you're in luck. Take this quiz to find out what your awesome Sam & Cat magic trick is!

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  • Say you needed to sneak into a theme park, how do would you do it?

  • Sweet, you made it in! Where do you go first?

  • You just found a cupcake on the ground! How do you keep this tasty snack from being eaten?

  • Someone is trying to steal your lunch! What do you do?

  • What's your hidden talent?

  • How do you clean your room?

  • At school dances, you are...

  • What materials would you use for a magic trick?

  • After you perform a magic trick, you want the audience to say...

  • Finish this sentence: "Now you see me, now..."

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