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Who Should Sam & Cat Babysit?

We know Sam and Cat have their hands full with their booming babysitting business, but we just couldn't resist adding a few of our own Nick critters to their list... Hey, we need a night off once in a while too! So which of our toon tots do you think the girls should try taming? Take this quiz!

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  • Oh no, the child is crying! How do you calm him down?

  • Nap time! How do you lull the child to sleep?

  • You hear a little tummy rumbling! What snack do you whip up?

  • Now the child wants dessert! What do you choose?

  • You're surfing channels on the tube. What show do they like best?

  • Baby wants attention! How do you be entertaining?

  • You decided to play hide and seek! Where does the child hide?

  • Time for arts and crafts! What do you guys make?

  • They want to invite a friend to play! Who comes over?

  • The house is a mess! How do they help you clean it up?

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