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Sanjay and Craig Quizzes | Quiz: Are You Sanjay or Craig?

Quiz: Are You Sanjay or Craig?

Sanjay and Craig may be perfect together, but they're also maximally epic on their own! Wanna be just like these crazy dudes? Well, maybe you already are. Take this quiz to find out which one of these RAD-AWESOME pals is most like YOU!

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  • When your crush is nearby, how do you react?

  • What do you LOVE, even more than Tufflips?

  • What's your signature dance move?

  • You’re on line for the SCARIEST ride at the amusement park! How do you feel?

  • It's Field Day! Which activity will you be rocking?

  • How do you feel about mad science?

  • Pick one: burps or farts?

  • How do you help plan the PERFECT prank?

  • What do you dream about late, late at night?

  • Order up! How many wings will you have?

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