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  • Quiz: Which BFFs Are Like You?

    Through the good and the gross, it's always great to have an awesome BFF along for the ride! But not all BFFs are created equal. From Sanjay and Craig to Sam and Cat, good BFFs come in all different shapes and sizes. So which Nickelodeon pair are you and your BFF most like? Take this quiz to find out!Take the Quiz

  • Sanjay and Craig Quiz: Take The Wing Challenge!

    Sanjay and Craig can scarf down Frycade wings faster than a cheetah with a jet pack. But if you were invited to a grub fest with this best friend duo, how many spicy snacks could you stomach? Take this quiz to find out how many Frycade wings you could handle!Take the Quiz

  • Sanjay And Craig Quiz: Who's Your Craig?

    When it comes to best friends and partners, it’s important to make sure that your other half is worthy of being in the best friends hall of fame. Sanjay is always ready to show off his bestie because he has a talking pet snake! If you had an impressive sidekick, what would be it be? Find out now!Take the Quiz

  • Sanjay And Craig Quiz: Who's Your Epic-ly Awesome Best Friend?

    Everyone knows that Sanjay and Craig are best friends. Duh! They're even part of the Best Friends Hall of Fame (even though they made that up). But who would be YOUR epic-ly awesome bestie? Take the quiz to find out!Take the Quiz

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