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Sanjay and Craig Quizzes | Quiz: Do You Know Sanjay and Craig?

Quiz: Do You Know Sanjay and Craig?

Time for some rad-awesome Sanjay and Craig trivia! Are you ready to douse this plate of frycade wings in some serious knowledge sauce? Or is your brain a butt-transplant gone wrong? Take the quiz to find out!

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  • What is Craig's brother's name?

  • Who holds a black belt in every martial art?

  • What is Tufflip's favorite drink?

  • What is Noodman's father afraid of?

  • What kind of commercial did Sanjay play Tufflips in?

  • What does Sanjay's mom do for a living?

  • What is the name of the Dicksons' band?

  • Which of these is not one of Craig's disguises?

  • What is Megan's favorite snack?

  • Sanjay and Craig once had a baby [blank]:

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