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Sanjay and Craig Quizzes | Quiz: Take The Wing Challenge!

Quiz: Take The Wing Challenge!

Sanjay and Craig can scarf down Frycade wings faster than a cheetah with a jet pack. But if you were invited to a grub fest with this best friend duo, how many spicy snacks could you stomach? Take this quiz to find out how many Frycade wings you could handle!

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  • You like to eat with...

  • What's your go-to snack?

  • How much spice can you handle?

  • If you hung out with Sanjay and Craig, you'd most likely...

  • If you had an awesome pet like Craig, it would be...

  • How often do you eat?

  • Who would you get along with best?

  • What would you do if the Dicksons invited you to a party?

  • When you get yelled at, it's usually because...

  • What's your catchphrase?

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