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Sanjay and Craig Quizzes | Quiz: Which BFFs Are Like You?

Quiz: Which BFFs Are Like You?

Through the good and the gross, it's always great to have an awesome BFF along for the ride! But not all BFFs are created equal. From Sanjay and Craig to Sam and Cat, good BFFs come in all different shapes and sizes. So which Nickelodeon pair are you and your BFF most like? Take this quiz to find out!

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  • How long have you and you bestie been friends?

  • When you and your BFF hang out you...

  • What's your absolute favorite thing to do with your BFF?

  • It's your big night out! How do you and your BFF dress up?

  • It's your BFF's birthday! What do you get them?

  • Aww, your BFF is out on a date and you're home all alone. How do you feel?

  • Ugh, your best friend stole your sandwich! How do you get even?

  • What ONE word best describes your BFF?

  • How often do you and your BFF argue?

  • You and your BFF are like:

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