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Sanjay And Craig Quiz: Who's Your Craig?

When it comes to best friends and partners, it’s important to make sure that your other half is worthy of being in the best friends hall of fame. Sanjay is always ready to show off his bestie because he has a talking pet snake! If you had an impressive sidekick, what would be it be? Find out now!

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  • You’re throwing a rad party to impress the Dicksons! What favors does your best bud pass out as the guests leave?

  • Where does your best friend suggest you play outside?

  • Your dad’s at the store and your mom’s busy at the hospital, so what does your bestie make for dinner?

  • There’s a huge race on the school track, how does your buddy get to the finish line?

  • You and your buddy are building a fortress to keep Noodman out, what does he suggest you use?

  • It’s raining out! How do you and your best friend stay entertained?

  • The school bully won’t stop bothering you, how does your best friend protect you?

  • It’s the school dance! What song does your pal request?

  • When your buddy meets a new person, what’s the first thing he does?

  • What kind of gesture does your bestie do to show you that you’re their BFF?


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