Quizzes | Splatalot Quiz: What's Your Splatalot Weapon?

Splatalot Quiz: What's Your Splatalot Weapon?

Being a defender on Splatalot is tough work. You have the responsibility of protecting the castle from attackers for the opportunity to become King or Queen! If you were a defender what would your weapon be? Take the quiz to find out!

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  • A mob of attackers is coming your way, what do you do?

    • Block them with my strong arms
    • Create a quick defense plan and lead your allies
    • Frighten them with your intense weapon
    • Trick the attackers into thinking you are one of them
  • When do you do your best work?

    • When I know that the castle is at major risk
    • When a group of people are relying on me
    • When I know that attackers are in my way
    • When I am working alone
  • What do you do to confuse the attackers?

    • I start off with a smile so that they THINK that I'm the nice one!
    • I don't have to confuse them, just by looking at me they can see how strong I am.
    • My scary looks make them think that they are having a nightmare
    • I laugh in their faces!
  • What is the best word to describe you?

    • Strong
    • Loyal
    • Scary
    • Trickster
  • What kind of weapon sounds the most appealing to you?

    • One that I can use from a far distance
    • One that I get to swing around
    • One to put in people's faces
    • One that can be slung from anywhere
  • What is one of the first things that you notice in attackers?

    • Their weaknesses
    • How dedicated they are to the fight
    • Their scent
    • How easy they are to fool
  • What defender name sounds the coolest to you?

    • Ballista
    • Ballista
    • Crocness
    • Kook
  • I would totally say thisÂ…

    • "Victory means you get the crown!"
    • "Welcome to handsomeville, population me."
    • "I am waiting and watching."
    • "One flap, and you're on your back."
  • If you were a defender what you want to look like?

    • Pretty, but still strong
    • Big and buff!
    • Like a half human, half reptile
    • Just like a joker
  • Someone stole all of your food, what do you do?!

    • Easy, I go hunting for more
    • I know that my reliable friends will help me out with getting some more
    • I will scare everyone into giving me theirs
    • Steal MY food? Impossible, No one even knows where I live!