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Supah Ninjas Quiz: What's Your Ninja Weapon?

As a ninja, you must be trained with only the most supreme martial arts techniques... but it doesn't hurt to have a sweet weapon, too! Take this quiz and find out which awesome ninja gear YOU would use to save the day as a Supah Ninja.

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  • BZZZZZ! How do you get rid of an annoying bug?

  • When you're stuck on a problem, youÂ…

  • Which word describes you best?

  • Baddies are after you and your friends! How do you save the day?

  • You're comfy on the couch watching TV, and the remote is supah far away. How do you get it?

  • Which sport are you the best at?

  • You have a ton of chores to do. Where do you start?

  • You and your ninja pals have a plan to fight some baddies. What part do you fill?

  • Who's your fave Supah Ninja?

  • What's your best skill?

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