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        Quizzes | Bucket and Skinner Quiz: What's Your Epic Adventure?

        Bucket and Skinner Quiz: What's Your Epic Adventure?

        Meet the newest addition to the world's most thrill-seeking heroes -- The wave-crushing duo, Bucket and Skinner! They get to ride out a new epic adventure every single day. But if you've ever dreamed of catching that twenty foot wave or climbing to the world's highest mountain top, then we've got the perfect quiz for you. Find out where you belong in the dictionary of daredevils by discovering YOUR epic adventure. Grab your flashlights and let the quiz quest begin!

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        • You've always wanted to...

          • See the ocean
          • Climb Mount Everest
          • Take flying lessons
          • Win the lottery
        • You'd love to take a summer vacation to...

          • Hawaii
          • The Himalayas
          • Mt. Olympus
          • The lost city of Atlantis
        • Your favorite adventure story is...

          • Moby Dick
          • Jack and the Beanstalk
          • Peter Pan
          • Cinderella
        • Sometimes you have weird dreams that you're a...

          • Fish
          • Bear
          • Bird
          • Pirate
        • On a sunny day, you love to...

          • Go swimming
          • Go hiking
          • Fly a kite
          • Make mud pies in the dirt
        • What do you want to be when you grow up?

          • A lifeguard
          • A park ranger
          • A pilot
          • A paleontologist
        • What's your favorite snack?

          • Salty pretzels
          • Trail mix
          • Air-popped popcorn
          • Cereal, because I like to dig for the prize inside!
        • One thing you're NOT afraid of is...

          • Water
          • Mountain lions
          • Heights
          • Bugs
        • You never leave the house without...

          • Your surfboard
          • Your sneaks
          • Your aviators
          • A shovel
        • You wish you had...

          • Fins
          • Four arms
          • Wings
          • A pot of gold