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The Thundermans: Is Your Dad A Superhero?

Sure, your dad is pretty awesome. He helps with homework, drives you around and always puts a smile on your face. But is he SUPER awesome? If you think there's a chance your dad could be a REAL superhero like Hank Thunderman, take this quiz!

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  • Where does your dad work?

  • Uh oh, there's traffic and you're late for school! Dad...

  • Your dad always says...

  • What's in your dad's toolbox?

  • How many capes does your dad own?

  • What are your dad's hobbies?

  • Your dad see's someone throw trash on the ground, RIGHT in front of a 'No Littering' sign. He...

  • The news just announced there's a robber on the loose! What does your dad do?

  • You're out of milk! Dad...

  • Does your dad have an archenemy?

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