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The Thundermans: What's Your Superhero Name?

The Thunderman family has tons of awesome nicknames, thanks to their super cool superpowers. Don't you wish you had a special superhero name too? Well, now you can! Just take this quiz to learn what the world should be calling YOU.

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  • What's your catchphrase?

  • If you had an arch nemesis, they'd be called...

  • Dr. Colosso is trying to steal the supermarket's carrots! What do you do?

  • Who would be your sidekick?

  • What's your greatest strength?

  • What's your greatest weakness?

  • When you're not catching criminals, you're...

  • You never leave your house without...

  • Oh no! You've been grounded! What did you do?

  • There's a world that needs saving, but you're stuck in detention! How do you escape?

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