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The Thundermans: What's Your Super Power?

Max and Phoebe Thunderman may look like normal teenagers, but truth is, these two are actually superheroes! And, because they're also fraternal twinsies, they were both born with the same exact powers. So, magnetism or super gas -- how do you match up? Figure it out now!


  • It's the weekend! How are you spending it?

  • You just found out that your crush is in your class. What do you do?

  • You're at a party, but you just remembered you have a test tomorrow. What to do?

  • Your biggest enemy just embarrassed in front of all your friends, so you...

  • What's the best thing ever?

  • When bored, you...

  • What's one of your pet peeves?

  • Dinner time! What's going on?

  • You're on a family vacay, and everyone has a special task. What's yours?

  • What's the one thing you always wished you had?

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