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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Quizzes | TMNT Quiz: Are You a Turtle Head?

TMNT Quiz: Are You a Turtle Head?

So you love fighting baddies, pigging out on 'zza, and your room is pretty sewer-like. Think that makes you a TMNT whiz? Take this super duper hard trivia quiz and find out if you're fit to call yourself a 'Turtle Head!', dude!

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  • What is Master Splinter's real name?

  • What kind of egg did Leonardo become obsessed with?

  • Michelangelo hates which type of music?

  • Who freed the Newtralizer?

  • Where do the boys get their pizza from?

  • What's the name of the captain on Leo's favorite show, Space Heroes?

  • What is Raph is a afraid of?

  • Which is NOT one of Michelangelo's favorite pizza toppings?

  • Who's the tallest turtle?

  • What's the first rule of being a ninja?

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