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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Quizzes | TMNT: What's Your Ninja Style?

TMNT: What's Your Ninja Style?

It's time to put down the pizza and harness your inner Teenage Mutant Ninja power! The Turtles have endured the most challenging Ninjutsu training together, and are now an unstoppable Kraang-kicking team. But even though they’re brothers, they each have their own unique method for maintaining their moves. So which Turtle should you exercise YOUR ninja skills with? Take this quiz to find out!

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  • You’re competing in your school’s track race, how do you train for it?

  • How often do you practice your Ninja skills?

  • What's the most important characteristic a ninja must have?

  • Which activity sounds like the most fun?

  • You're sneaking around the enemy hideout, and you spot a guard! You:

  • What's the best defense?

  • When there's a problem at hand, what's your first response?

  • How do you feel about fighting the Kraang?

  • Which is your favorite exercise?

  • There's one slice of pizza left! What do you do?


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