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TMNT Quiz: Is Your Pet A Mutant?

Your pet might look normal, but it could be sneaking out at night fighting aliens and monsters in the streets! Well, if it's a mutant that is. Think about it: Mutagen has been making the rounds lately, even though the Turtles have been trying hard collect each and every canister. But has it gotten to your pet? Could your pet be MUTANT? Find out.

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  • What does your pet typically eat?

  • Where did you find your pet?

  • What kind of noise does your pet make?

  • What does your pet play with?

  • Before you go to bed at night, your pet...

  • When your pet is angry, it...

  • Which name fits your pet best?

  • When you get home from school, how does your pet greet you?

  • Does your pet have any weird habits?

  • What do other people say about your pet?


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