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TMNT Quiz: Unlocking Leatherhead

Before you tango with an 8-foot mutant alligator, it's a good idea to do your homework. Is he grumpy in the morning? Does he have any weaknesses? Is he a vegetarian? Does he love his mother? All good things to know. So, before you grab lunch with Leatherhead, crush this Turtles Trivia and unlock a few helpful hints to avoid seeing your name on the menu.

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  • Why does Mikey say he should be the leader of the team?

  • What are the ingredients are included in Mikey's cake?

  • When Vic videotapes the Turtles fighting the Kraang on a rooftop, what does he call them?

  • What does Master Splinter order the Turtles to do to Raph during training?

  • What is the name of the kitten that attacks Mikey?

  • Who's the martial arts superstar that Mikey wants to befriend?

  • What obstacle does Mikey try to jump on his skateboard?

  • When Donnie introduces his mp3 player, what awful music comes on?

  • What does Master Splinter warn Donnie not to turn combat into?

  • What's the nickname given to Donnie's new weapon drone?

  • What kind of mutant animal escaped from Rockwell's lab?

  • What gadget did Donnie create to help the group communicate on missions?

  • What food does Mr. Murakami make for the Turtles?

  • Where do the Purple Dragons hold Murakami hostage?

  • Name the mutant pigeon who befriends the Turtles.

  • Splinter: "At this moment, we are at..."

  • Chlorosulfonic acid reacts violently with...

  • What is the name of Donnie's new vehicle?

  • There are two names in April's cell phone: Irma and...

  • Fill in the blanks: Operation ___ Out

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