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TMNT Quiz: What Kind of LARPer Are You?

L.A.R.P = Live Action Role Play. It's a medieval-style action game that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles love to play! And now it's your turn to take on a role. Today, we will taketh you on a quest. Answereth the following 10 questions and only then will you knoweth what kind of LARPer you are!

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  • What's your LARPing character?

  • Picketh your LARP weapon:

  • How do you make your grand entrance?

  • When you come across an angry troll in the middle of the woods...

  • The castle floor starts caving in! How do you react?

  • Your friendeth has falleneth. Do you save him?

  • Do you believeth in magic?


  • A dragon standeth between you and your princess!

  • Congratulations, the gameth is over...