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TMNT Quiz: What Turtle Should You Be For Halloween?

To all you TMNT fans out there planning to be a ninja turtle for Halloween, but are still confused on which one to be, worry no more. It's time to step out of your shell, 'cause we're here to help! Take this quiz to find your true TMNT costume now!

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  • What’s your favorite color?

  • If someone accidentally bumps into you what’s your reaction?

  • Your friends want to go to a haunted house in your neighborhood. What do you say?

  • Most of your friends want to hold off trick-or-treating to finish homework. So you say…

  • A bully wants all of your siblings’ candy, so you tell them...

  • Every time your friend asks to go find zombies in the woods, you answer…

  • You lose the lead role as the monster in Frankenstein to your BFF at school. You say to him/her…

  • While walking home with your siblings you run into a pack of zombies. What do you do?

  • A science experiment your friend creates deals with turning an ant into a cat. How do you feel about it?

  • What word best describes you?


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