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TMNT Quiz: What's Your Master Invention?

Donatello is the technological mastermind of the Turtles, so it’s no surprise how he’s always coming up with cool new inventions. But now it’s time to put your skills to the test, because he needs YOUR help to design a rad awesome gadget. Are you up for the challenge? Take the quiz and find out what your master invention would be!

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  • The Kraang are attacking! How do you defend yourself and your brothers?

  • It’s pizza time! How do you get the perfect piece?

  • Splinter wants you to improve your skills, how do you practice?

  • Shredder is holding one of your siblings captive! How do you save him?

  • No crime fighting today! How do you relax?

  • Now’s your chance to impress April! How do you get her attention?

  • You finally stole the remote from Leonardo, what show do you switch the channel to?

  • There’s been an outbreak of mutant mice! How do you navigate through them to get back home?

  • One of your brothers is upset, how do you cheer him up?

  • Karai is planning to attack you and your brothers, how do you outsmart her?


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