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TMNT Quiz: What's Your Turtle Catchphrase?

Think you're as well spoken as the TMNT? These turtles never fail to express how they feel, but if you were part of their butt-kicking crew what would your cool catchphrase be? Take this quiz and find out!


  • Rise and shine! Your alarm just woke you up from an awesome sleep. What are you first words of the day?

  • How do you feel about doing chores?

  • Score! You just totally aced Splinter's ninja pop quiz. What do you say afterwards?

  • What's the best way to end a successful butt-kicking battle with the Kraang?

  • While exploring the lair, you step some sewer gunk (gross!) and scream...

  • How would you describe yourself?

  • Your turtle bros ask if you want to grub some pizza, how do you respond?

  • April has a new and... 'interesting' hairstyle, and she askes you what you think— what do you say?

  • Describe your ninja-fighting style.

  • When the Shredder is in town causing a trouble, how do you shut him down?

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