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TMNT Quiz: What's Your Turtle Power?

They're shelled, green, kick-butt fighting machines and when you mess with one, you brawl with all four. Sound fair? It's not! But then again, when all four turtle bro's share such awesome skills, who's to say not to combine them? Get your head in the game and realize your true turtle power by taking this quiz...COME GET SOME!

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  • Wakey wakey shell face! What's the first order of business this morning?

  • Murakami San is being attacked by the Purple Dragons! What's your first reaction?

  • Shredder's at it again with a new slew of villains. How are you staying ahead of his game?

  • Every hero has a hero! Who's yours?

  • Fighting crime isn't everything you know. What's even more important?

  • Halloween party!! What's the first thing you do when you get there?

  • If your had a celebratory dance move, what would it be?

  • Master Splinter has tons of stories, but your favorite part is always when...

  • It's 3:00am and a loud noise wakes you up. What do you do?

  • After a long day of crime fighting, how do you plan on winding down?

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