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Power Rangers Samurai: Ultimate Power Ranger Quiz

They say the life of a Samurai Ranger isn't easy. Well they should try being a Power Rangers Samurai superfan-- now that's a real challenge! Keeping all that knowledge in your head while anxiously awaiting new episodes, it's all part of the strenuous job. Well here's the good news-- this is your big chance to prove that even those who didn't have power symbols passed down from their parents can be vital to saving the world from evil Nighloks! Show off your skills and claim the title of ultimate Power Rangers Samurai fan by taking this extra-hard quiz! Bring on the challenge!

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  • What color and design are the Blue Ranger's boxers in 'The Team Unites'?

  • What is the name of the Rangers' mentor?

  • What key is the Power Rangers Samurai theme song in?

  • What is Bulk's full name?

  • What are the four modes of the Claw Battle Zord?

  • What's the name of the river that Master Xandred and his crew are on?

  • In 'Deal with a Nighlok,' what baseball team does the little boy play for?

  • What is Octoroo's nickname?

  • In 'Day Off,' which amusement park do the Rangers go to?

  • Which villain has a Scottish accent?

  • What family does Jayden come from that has the power to seal away Master Xandred?

  • Which Ranger does Spike have a crush on?

  • In 'Day Off,' what does Spike name the stuffed panda he wins?

  • As Bulk asks Spike in 'Test of the Leader,' what is the second principle of the Samurai?

  • In 'Team Spirit,' Antonio offers Deker a taste of his new recipe for...


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