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  • Victorious Quiz: Totally Tough Trivia Quiz!

    You're always learning new things about Victorious, but now it's time to put that knowledge to the test. Take this totally tough trivia quiz on Victorious to find out if you REALLY have it all figured out!Take the Quiz

  • Victorious Quiz: What's On Your Hollywood Arts Locker?

    Andre's got piano keys, Robbie's got baby bottles, and Tori makes it shine. But how would you express yourself at school? Take this quiz to find out how you should decorate your very own Hollywood Arts High locker!Take the Quiz

  • Victorious Quiz: Which Victorious Character Would You Duet With?

    You may not be able to hit all the high notes just yet, but don't worry! With all the talented peeps that go to Hollywood Arts, finding the perfect sing-a-long buddy is guaranteed to be easy as pie! Will it be the soft-spoken Cat or the musically-gifted Andre? Take this quiz to find out who your duet partner would be!Take the Quiz

  • Victorious Quiz: What's Your Crazy Hollywood Arts Costume?

    Having great acting chops, an amazing voice, and great rhythm are all necessary to succeed at Hollywood Arts. But there's one more thing you need to really set the scene: a costume! Take this quiz to learn which crazy costume you would wear if you were on Victorious!Take the Quiz

  • Victorious Quiz: Which Kooky Victorious Character Are You?

    When you go to a performing arts school like Hollywood Arts, you're bound to be surrounded by some crazy characters, and we're not just talking about the main squeeze of the crew! Take this quiz to find out which kooky Victorious side character you are!Take the Quiz

  • Victorious Quiz: What's Your Opposite Date?

    Normal Dates are SO overrated. Next time you and your crush pal decide to go out on the town, why not do opt for a date Tori and Beck style? These two are ditching the norm to go on an "Opposite Date", where REAL DATE ideas are so old school. Leave the polished shoes at home and take this fun quiz to find out what YOUR ideal opposite date would be!Take the Quiz

  • Victorious Quiz: What's Your Hollywood Arts Major?

    Whether it's acting, singing or dancing, everyone at Hollywood Arts has their own special talent. Will you rock the vocals like Tori or be an all-star actor like Beck? Take the quiz and find out!Take the Quiz

  • How Well Do YOU Know Tori Vega? Trivia Quiz

    We all know that crazy Ponnie is Tori Vega's #1 fan on Victorious, but how well do YOU know this Hollywood Arts starlet? Put your Tori knowledge to the test and find out if you stand among the ranks of Ponnie, the ultimate super-fan herself!Take the Quiz

  • Which Victorious Star Should You Prank?

    It's almost April Fools', and the cast of Victorious is getting super pranky! Put your joker's hat on and take this fun quiz to find out which character you should fool. Let the mischief begin!Take the Quiz

  • Victorious Quiz: Who's Your Victorious Valentine?

    It's that time of year again! Time to shower your crush in candy hearts and perfectly penned love poems. But there's just one thing you'll need...a valentine!! And we know a school that's filled with dreamy (and did we mention talented?) students to pick from. Take this quiz now, and see which Hollywood Arts student you should address your heart-shaped note to this Valentine's Day!Take the Quiz

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