Victorious Quizzes | How Well Do YOU Know Tori Vega? Trivia Quiz

How Well Do YOU Know Tori Vega? Trivia Quiz

We all know that crazy Ponnie is Tori Vega's #1 fan on Victorious, but how well do YOU know this Hollywood Arts starlet? Put your Tori knowledge to the test and find out if you stand among the ranks of Ponnie, the ultimate super-fan herself!

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  • What song did Tori sing for Trina's "birthweek?"

  • Tori jeopardizes her lead role in what play when she leaves to give Robbie blood?

  • When Sinjin hosts his gameshow, Queries for Couples, who is Tori paired with?

  • What is the name of the game Tori plays when she goes to the Gorilla Club?

  • At what awards show does Tori perform "Make It In America" for the first time?

  • What alias does Tori use when she tries to save Beck's role in Miss Fire?

  • What does Tori give AndrĂ© for Sikowitz's "Secret Santa" assignment?

  • Tori transferred to Hollywood Arts from what high school?

  • Who is Tori's mom?

  • Tori and her friends are chosen to be the focus of what reality TV show?

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