Victorious Quizzes | Victorious Quiz: What's Your Crazy Hollywood Arts Costume?

Victorious Quiz: What's Your Crazy Hollywood Arts Costume?

Having great acting chops, an amazing voice, and great rhythm are all necessary to succeed at Hollywood Arts. But there's one more thing you need to really set the scene: a costume! Take this quiz to learn which crazy costume you would wear if you were on Victorious!

Tags: Victoria JusticeAvan JogiaLeon ThomasAriana GrandeVictoriousElizabeth GilliesMatt Bennettpersonalityquizzes-not-used

  • There's a play going on at Hollywood Arts! You're...

  • Your favorite subject in school is...

  • What is your favorite type of clothing?

  • Where do you like to hang out?

  • What's your goal in life?

  • When faced with a problem, what do you do?

  • You don't like...

  • Of the Hollywood Arts crew, you'd most likely hang with...

  • You most like to...

  • What kind of film would you star in?

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