Quizzes | Victorious Quiz: What's Your Opposite Date?

Victorious Quiz: What's Your Opposite Date?

Normal Dates are SO overrated. Next time you and your crush pal decide to go out on the town, why not do opt for a date Tori and Beck style? These two are ditching the norm to go on an "Opposite Date", where REAL DATE ideas are so old school. Leave the polished shoes at home and take this fun quiz to find out what YOUR ideal opposite date would be!

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  • T.G.I.F.! What's going down tonight?

    • Shopping! Nothing like a little retail therapy to wash away the school week blues.
    • Family game night. My siblings are going DOWN!
    • Home-made pizzas! Food rules!
  • You just got a brand new outfit, but you need a second opinion. Who are you asking?

    • Um, the mirror! I do it all the time.
    • My little brother. He'll give it to me straight!
    • The cashier over at my local burger place - I'm in there a lot, so we're pretty close.
  • What's your number one date priority?

    • Smelling good!
    • Comfy shoes!
    • Stain-proof shirt!
  • Before going out, what lyrics are you singing to help ease your nerves?

    • "Sometimes, I put on special pants, and then I board a plane to France..."
    • "Children beaming and I'm dreaming, hoping that it's true..."
    • "Chicken nuggets make me lose control, 'cause they taste mmm, mmm, so good!"
  • Nothing's keeping you from going out tonight! UNLESS...

    • My fave dress is dirty
    • My siblings are sick. It's my duty to take care of them!
    • There's a buy one get two free sale at the supermarket
  • You're out with your date and it starts to rain. Where are you taking shelter?

    • Under my umbrella (I'm always prepared)
    • The funhouse across the street...and there's only 3 kids on line! SCORE!
    • A snack shop. It's time for dessert anyway!
  • What's one thing your crush doesn't know about you?

    • You're nuts about the smell of fresh laundry
    • You still have tea parties with your younger sister, and you love it!
    • You put cheese on everything
  • Ahh, you just spilled some spaghetti sauce on your lap! What do you do?

    • O-M-G! Good thing I brought a stain lifter to-go stick with me
    • Make a smiley face out of it and laugh it off
    • Scoop it up and eat it! Wasting food is SO wrong.
  • Your perfect date involves...

    • Somewhere quiet so that we can get to know each other
    • Fun activities and lots of laughs
    • Good company and good eats
  • Time to go home! What are you doing soon as you get in?

    • Get my laundry ready for tomorrow
    • Watch cartoons
    • Poppin' popcorn