Quizzes | Victorious Quiz: Which Kooky Victorious Character Are You?

Victorious Quiz: Which Kooky Victorious Character Are You?

When you go to a performing arts school like Hollywood Arts, you're bound to be surrounded by some crazy characters, and we're not just talking about the main squeeze of the crew! Take this quiz to find out which kooky Victorious side character you are!

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  • In school, you...

    • Mostly go un-noticed.
    • Try to spread knowledge!
    • Find ways to be useful.
    • Want to be around the popular people!
  • On your bookshelf you have...

    • Scripts and screenplays.
    • Magazines.
    • A guide to 1,001 types of moss.
    • Books about psychology.
  • What's your favorite food?

    • Vegetables, like cornÂ….
    • I prefer chewing to eating.
    • Anything I make, of course!
    • Anything in a coconut.
  • What's your fatal flaw?

    • I'm always lovesick.
    • My absentmindedness.
    • I can be a bit stubbornÂ…
    • I hold grudges!
  • Your hobbies include...

    • Photography.
    • Dressing up.
    • Acting.
    • Inventing new things.
  • Others would describe you as...

    • Weird or disturbing.
    • Aggressive.
    • Strangely unique.
    • Crazy.
  • What are your talents?

    • I adapt easily.
    • I'm good with anything technical.
    • Getting what I want!
    • I'm very wise.
  • How do you like to dress?

    • Silky/colorful dresses.
    • Anything with skinny jeans.
    • My style is always changing.
    • Anything comfortable (shoes are optional)!
  • Tori and her friends are in trouble! You...

    • Try to help them by giving advice.
    • Good! I probably caused it.
    • I don't care, as long as they leave me alone!
    • Help them out, hopefully for something in return.
  • Your least favorite thing in the world is...

    • Not being included!
    • Getting yelled at.
    • When people don't listen to me.
    • When people don't keep their word!