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        Quizzes | Victorious Quiz: Who's Your Victorious Vacay Buddy?

        Victorious Quiz: Who's Your Victorious Vacay Buddy?

        Sun, sandals, and know what that means! It's time for a vacay at Hollywood Arts! Tori and friends are getting ready for an awesome island adventure full of fun and frenzy. But who would you vacay with? Can you take the heat and swim on the beach or are you gonna check-out early? Find your Victorious vacay buddy!

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        • It's time to pack, what's the first thing in your suitcase?

          • A mini stereo for the beach.
          • A black T-shirt.
          • Where is my suitcase?
          • Cool shades.
        • Your flight's boarding, but your best friend isn't even at the airport, what do you do?

          • Sing a song to distract everyone until she gets here.
          • Leave without her.
          • Woops. I'm the late one!
          • Chill and stall a little bit...they'll get here.
        • What snacks do you bring on the plane?

          • No snacks, just music!
          • Something bitter and sour.
          • Red velvet cupcakes.
          • Chips and candy.
        • What's the first thing you do when you get to your hotel?

          • Pop in some tunes and unpack.
          • Complain that the room is too small.
          • Jump on the bed.
          • Leave my suitcase behind and sit poolside.
        • Uh-oh, there's a big storm headed to the island...what do you do?

          • Put on a show for the residents.
          • Smile. Danger is my middle name!
          • Scream and run.
          • Stay cool, the storm will pass.
        • What activity do you have to do before you leave?

          • Perform at the hotel restaurant.
          • There's nothing I love that much.
          • Swim with the dolphins, and horses, and unicorns.
          • Get a few numbers.
        • You're lost on the what?

          • Find someone and ask for directions.
          • Enjoy...I'm finally alone.
          • I didn't even realize I was lost!
          • Relax, I'll find my way back.
        • What's the one thing you have to travel with?

          • My music and some music sheets.
          • Dark clothing
          • My BFF
          • Tanning oil so I can look good on the beach.
        • What's the best part of a vacation?

          • Having more time to practice music.
          • Getting away from everyone at school.
          • Hanging out with my best friends.
          • Getting time to go on dates.
        • What's your dream vacation?

          • Broadway!
          • I don't like happy things.
          • Somewhere with unicorns.
          • The beach