Quizzes | What's Your Coffee Drink?

What's Your Coffee Drink?

Your personality is craving caffeine, and this quiz is here to help.

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  • What's your preferred coffee-drinking location?

  • You walk into a local coffee place, and for once, there are lots of seats available. You'll plant your butt on:

  • While ordering a to-go coffee, you notice there's a tip jar on the counter with a little sign that says, "If you fear change, leave it here." You:

  • What are you usually thinking about while you're drinking coffee?

  • If you could drink coffee out of any of these, which one would you pick?

  • Pretend we're at a coffee place together. You ask us to watch your bag while you go up to the counter for a refill. If we peek inside to see what you're carrying around, we'll find:

  • What's your favorite coffee-related thing?

  • If there's no coffee around, which of these things might you try?

  • Your favorite coffee place has:

  • If a friend gave you a teddy bear stuffed with coffee beans as a gift, how would you react?


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