Quizzes | What's Your Boy-Catching Style?

What's Your Boy-Catching Style?

Do you go with the subtle approach, or are you more of a "take-no-prisoners" boy-catcher?

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  • You're early for the first meeting of a new school club, and a cute guy comes in and sits down. It's just the two of you in the room. You say:

  • What kind of perfume would you most like to wear?

  • You've got a crush on a friendboy, and it's his birthday. What gift do you buy him?

  • Because you're the luckiest person on earth, you're going to the prom with the boy of your dreams. What style of dress will you wear?

  • Which necklace suits your style the most?

  • It's Valentine's Day, and you're single. How do you deal?

  • You've worked up the guts to ask a boy out. What will you ask him to do?

  • You're in possession of a cutie's phone number, and you're looking for the perfect excuse to call him. What's it most likely to be?

  • You're over at a crush's house, and he's playing video games. He invites you to pick up the other console and battle him. What do you do?


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