Quizzes | Which Band Member Should You Date?

Which Band Member Should You Date?

Relationships with rock stars tend to be kinda... rocky. Want one anyway? Take this quiz.

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  • At a crowded party, you're usually attracted to the person who's…

  • If you had to choose a date based solely on what the person was wearing, you'd pick:

  • If someone were writing a song for you, you'd want it to be:

  • Tortured souls: hot or not?

  • You've been dating a band member for a few weeks when he/she gets a gig as the opening act on a three-month world tour. What do you expect to happen with your new relationship?

  • Your favorite thing about giant arena rock shows is...

  • Your favorite thing about tiny local shows is...

  • How would you handle it if hundreds of screaming fans started throwing themselves at the person you're dating?

  • Are you more likely to make fun of people you love or people who annoy you?

  • If your dream band member wrote a blog, you'd want it to be full of:


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