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The Thundermans Quizzes | Which Show Do You Belong On?

Which Show Do You Belong On?

You love watching Sam & Cat, The Thundermans and The Haunted Hathaways, but what if it was YOU in front of the cameras? What if you got the chance to star in one of these awesomely hilarious shows? Well, if you want to know which one of these sets would be the perfect fit for you, take this quiz to find out!

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  • What kind of movies do you like to watch?

  • ______ is the coolest way to get around town, EVER!

  • When you grow up, you want to...

  • Which animal would make the best pet?

  • How would you get out of doing your homework?

  • A big bully just stole somebody's lunch money! What do you do?

  • What do you do if your little sibling won't stop bugging you?

  • How do you clean your room?

  • What's your favorite activity?

  • You're really good at...

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