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House of Anubis Quiz: Which Sibuna Member Are You?

Season 3 is officially on it's way, and to get you pumped, we're quizzing it up to see which Sibuna member you're most like! Are you sassy like Patricia or kind and cheery like the new girl, KT? Take this quiz to find out!

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  • When there's a mystery to be solved, where can your friends find you?

  • What would make the perfect holiday gift?

  • How would your BFFs best describe you?

  • What makes you so great to be around?

  • It's Sunday night, and you totally forgot about doing your homework. What do you do?

  • What makes someone totally crush-worthy?

  • What's your life motto?

  • Time for some retail therapy! What cool finds are you getting?

  • Your bestie is someone who...

  • What's ONE thing people may not know about you?

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