Victorious Quizzes | Which Victorious Star Should You Prank?

Which Victorious Star Should You Prank?

It's almost April Fools', and the cast of Victorious is getting super pranky! Put your joker's hat on and take this fun quiz to find out which character you should fool. Let the mischief begin!

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  • You spy a delish pie, but you don't wanna eat it. Who would you throw it at?

  • Time to pull the, "your shoe's untied" trick. What does the shoe look like?

  • Ahhh! Your pal's hair is on fire! And that's too bad, because you really liked their...

  • You've got something on your shirt. No, seriously. What do you do?

  • It's T-shirt time! A prankster isn't complete without a silly shirt. Which one do you rock?

  • You've got one banana peel, and only 10 seconds to use it. Quick! Who are you using it on?

  • Apart from being such a great prankster, you're also…

  • Do you smell peanut butter? 'Cause this is your JAM! Which line are you singing?

  • What do your friends say about you?

  • When not pranking around, what do you do in your down time?


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