Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | KCA Quiz: Who's Your Slime Soulmate?

KCA Quiz: Who's Your Slime Soulmate?

Kids' Choice Awards means one thing: EVERYBODY MUST GET SLIMED. Yes, even you! But until the sticky stuff slips, slides and splats its way into your life, you can take this quiz to find out which slime-soaked celeb is your soulmate. See you on the slime side!

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  • How gullible are you?

  • If you could be slimed by any of these celebs, who would you choose?

  • What is your ideal slime target?

  • Which is your favorite slime rhyme?

  • What's your slime spirit animal?

  • If you had to get slimed with one person it would be...

  • What's your favorite slimy bodily function?

  • What's your favorite slimy stuff?

  • What's your greatest slime skill?

  • How badly do you want to get slimed?

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