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Winx Club Quizzes | Winx Club Quiz: Are You a Winx or a Trix?

Winx Club Quiz: Are You a Winx or a Trix?

The Winx are sweet super fairies that love keeping the Magic Dimension safe! The Trix, on the other hand, are three evil witches that will stop at nothing in search of power. If you lived in the Magic Dimension, would you be a Winx or a Trix? Find out now!

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  • Which spell sounds the most magical?

  • What's the perfect animal sidekick?

  • Someone accidentally stepped on your brand new shoes! What do you do?

  • Your friend asks you for help with her homework. You say...

  • When you hear another planet in the Magic Dimension is in danger, you...

  • If you had to choose between getting new powers or saving an endangered species of insect, you'd...

  • Faragonda gives you a rare magical artifact to keep safe. It looks really valuable... What do you do with it?

  • You're supposed to stay home and do chores, but your friend is throwing a sleepover! You...

  • A stray puppy just showed up at your doorstep! You...

  • You just unlocked some new powers! What do you do next?

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