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Winx Club Quiz: Are You Green or Mean?

Happy Earth Day! Want to find out if you're doing you're fair-y share to help the Earth like the Winx or if you need to be a little nicer to mother nature? Take this quiz see if you're green or mean!

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  • You see a friend pour their smoothie out onto the grass. What do you say?

  • When you clean your room, what do you do with the trash?

  • How do you get rid of the clothes you don't wear anymore?

  • There's a big school trip to the beach this summer! How do you get there?

  • The Trix just dumped gallons of toxic waste into the ocean. What do you do?

  • Pick a motto!

  • What's the best way to care for plants?

  • You just finished a yummy snack and there's no garbage can in sight. What do you do?

  • What do you do when your cell phone is done charging?

  • Where would you like to go on vacation?

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