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  • Winx Club Quiz: Who's Your Winx Gatekeeper?

    Gatekeepers are special Selkies who protect the gates to their worlds. Each one is different and matches her fairy, and the Winx Club relies on them to help protect the magic dimension. It's YOUR turn to find out which of these loyal gatekeepers would stand by you to guard the realm's portals, so take this quiz and find out now!Take the Quiz

  • Winx Club Quiz: Who's Your Winx Enemy?

    We all love the Winx Club and wish we had special powers just like Bloom and her friends! But what if we really were in their shoes? Take this quiz to find out which Winx baddie you would go head to head with to save the magic dimension!Take the Quiz

  • What's Your Winx Pet?

    When the Winx fairies open their own magical pet shop, they can't help but keep some of these cute critters to themselves (we don't blame them -- they're adorable!) But now it's time to find out which Fairy Pet would be YOUR new best friend! Take the quiz!Take the Quiz

  • Which Fairy Wings Would You Have?

    The Winx Club fairies are back! When the fairies receive a *super secret* new power, they gain three new sets of wings: Speedix, Zoomix, and Tracix! Which of these new fairy wings would YOU have? Take the quiz and find out!Take the Quiz

  • Winx Quiz: Which Magical School Should You Attend?

    Ever wonder where you'd fit into the magical realm? Well, now's your chance to find out! If you've always had a knack for magic, but just couldn't quite excel with spells, then it's time for some enchanting education. Brush of that fairy dust, and quiz it to find out which magical school YOU should attend!Take the Quiz

  • Which Winx Girl Are You?

    When the Winx Club fairies come together, nothing can stop them! But each girl has her own unique strengths and interests. That's what make them all super special! From the brave leader to the lovable jokester to the tech whiz, there's never a dull moment with the Winx! Take this quiz and find your inner fairy!Take the Quiz

  • Winx Club: So You Think You Know the Winx Quiz

    Fairies unite! Bloom spent her entire life being told that fairies weren't real, but then she found out that she was one herself! Do you have bewitching brain powers locked away that you want to show off? Well here's your chance! Prove that you're a super fan with magical memory and let the fairy fun start!Take the Quiz

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