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Winx Club Quiz: What's Your Winx Kingdom?

The Kingdoms of the Magic Dimension have gathered into an Alliance in order to defeat Tritannus once and for all! Despite having their differences and after much struggle, each ruler has agreed to work together thanks to the Winx gals. If you were in their royal shoes, which Winx kingdom would YOU rule over? Take this quiz to find out!

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  • You want to rule a kingdom that is...

  • When it comes to protecting your Kingdom from Tritannus, your plan is...

  • The best way to keep the peace is to be...

  • Your kingdom's colors are...

  • The one thing that makes your kingdom different from the others is...

  • When you're not busy ruling, you're often found ______ in your study.

  • When someone disagrees with you, what do you do?

  • What kind of castle do you need?

  • Which fairy do you want protecting your kingdom?

  • The biggest threat to your kingdom is...

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